Al Madina Group was established in 1971 to fulfil the market needs for high quality retail solutions. From the rarest foods to the freshest produce, we constantly look for the finest items—specially chosen for our customers. Al Madina has positioned itself strategically as a leader in the regional retail sector by improving operational efficiency. Our greatest value lies in our strong culture and hardworking employees.

From a humble, yet confident beginning, Al Madina Group grew in size as well as in reputation. It steps with the success of UAE. With tremendous experience and impeccable qualifications in the supermarket field, the promoters could consolidate Al Madina Group’s stature as one of the most progressive business group in the region. To stay on top in this highly competitive field, Al Madina Group continually invests its various divisions as well as in supermarket and department store. The day to day operations of the Company are overseen by a competent management team with experience and expertise in the various disciplines they represent. The Directors are also functionally involved in the running of the Company.

Al Madina engages in retail business with a chain of supermarkets spread all over UAE with prospects of opening more in the near future and expanding to other countries as well.. Al Madina Group currently have over 39 Super Markets in UAE each one seamlessly integrated into the community it serves. We are determined to give customers the best shopping experience possible. Every trip to our stores is a chance for you to experience the sights, feel and aromas of something special.

Our Registered Office is located at the Head Office along Al QQuz mall, Al Qquz ,UAE..

Group Vision

To commit and maintain our position as a one-stop shopping destination across UAE for our clients by constantly evolving to provide a gamut of high quality products and services in synch with the changing customer needs.

Group Mission

Al Madina exists to Provide feasible solutions to our Customers, Staff, Suppliers, Shareholders and Society by becoming the Leading Retailer.

Group Values

Al Madina group has grown in the last four decades due to its strong commitment to quality and value based existence. The underlying principle at Al Madina Group has been consistent quality, never-ending innovation and the spirit to personalized customer experience. Some of the values that define Al Madina Group are:

  • Customer-centricity : We acknowledge that the customers are the be-all and end-all for our business.
  • Quality : Our high-standard of quality has won us strong customer loyalty over the years.
  • Innovation : We strongly believe in re-inventing the wheel time after time to ensure our customer’s changing needs are unswervingly met, each time…every time…
  • Community – We strongly believe in being a responsible group and giving back to the community that has helped us reach various milestones.
  • Suppliers - We believe in building and enjoying a long term relationship with our valued suppliers based on trust and transparency.



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